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BioLegals performs commercial services for a select group of companies. The first (virtual or live) meeting will be free of charge, regardless of the context, circumstances, and/or duration (however with a maximum of 4 hours, including travel time). The Parties will inform each other within 7 days after such first meeting whether they wish to grant, respectively accept an assignment. If Parties decide to work together, it will be on the following conditions:

  1. BioLegal will charge on the basis of time spent. 
  2. Fee quotes do not include charges such as travel, messenger services, secretarial overtime, translation costs, and costs for meeting rooms; such costs (if exceeding EUR 100,00 at a time) to be made after prior consultation with you.
  3. Any and all liability of BioLegal towards you and/or your employees/third parties hired by you, shall be limited to the aggregate amount of fees charged to and paid by you in the six (6) months before the act leading to BioLegals liability occurred, unless in case of willful misconduct, gross negligence, or breach of confidentiality clause of paragraph 4 below.
  4. BioLegal is aware of the confidential nature of most matters that its clients are involved in and shall not disclose in any way any information and/or data that was brought to their knowledge of which it/she knows or could reasonably have known that disclosing would harm the interests of the client and/or any of its group members. This provision will survive the termination of the representation by BioLegal.
  5. The relationship between BioLegal and the client shall be governed by Dutch law.
  6. These conditions apply to all instructions given by the client, unless explicitly deviated from in writing.


More information?

Please contact Nikolet Zwart through or 0031651111418. Or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook of Twitter.