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About us


We build from an innovative “Model for Successful Sustainable Public Private Partnership for Inclusive Development, on a Pre-competitive basis”. The focus of this unique model is on the meso sector, including all of the following: Chamber of Commerce, libraries, NGOs, public and private schools, universities, women’s associations, service organizations and citizen movements. The macro sector (large companies and governments/politics) is involved for knowledge, influence, and market creation. The required money is accounted for by the private sector and the public sector distributes the co-created solutions so that the public benefits from it.


Nikolet Zwart

Nikolet Zwart is a lawyer with > 20 years experience in entrepreneurship, contracting, and Public Private Partnerships, with a focus on international agribusiness.
In 2011 Nikolet Zwart took the initiative for CERES Foundation and she has been an active Board Member ever since. A broad network of experts in agriculture, gender, development and international development has derived from CERES’ activities.


What We Can Do For You?

Networking, PPP & Brokering

Sound Boarding & Strategic Advise


– Food Security
– Water Security
– Entrepreneurship/


Social inclusion

– Gender Equity Tools
– Community Building
– Public Private Partnerships

new technology

– Biotechnology
– Blockchain/DLT/Smart Contracts
– Satellite/remote sensing



sound boarding

– Mentoring Employees
– Management Brainstorm
– Checking Contracts/Strategic Advise

International Co-operation ​(Public-Private) Partnerships

We engage in projects and business proposals that further interdependence and autonomy. ​ Due to a strong belief in global interdependency and social responsibility we spend at least 10% of our profits and 50% of our working capacity on social initiatives. BioLegal worked for, and/or invested in:

on a commercial basis:
in respect of global interdependence: